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Give Back to Gardening

Grow For Local Food Banks

Grow My Groceries supports feeding yourself and others with what you grow in your garden. If your garden is producing more fresh produce than your household is able to consume, we will pickup and donate your unspoiled excess blessings to local food banks.

When you’ve eaten your weight in zucchinis, when the tomatoes are going to rot on the vine before you can get to them all, and when your co-workers don’t want any more of your kale, just remember the food bank!

Next spring when you’re planting your seeds and starts, plant an extra row for the food bank. You’ll hardly notice the little bit more you need to water and weed, but it will definitely be noticed when you share that extra large load of garden fresh vegetables.

Just be sure to help us follow these Washington State protocols for safe food handling, storage, and transportation. You can schedule a food bank pickup here.

Sponsor A Gardener


Would you like to actively support more BIPOC, LGBTQ+, and/or low-income individuals and families of all ages who may be just now growing into their gardening adventure? We are developing a wish list of items for those who would like to enjoy the experience of gardening and growing their own food, but are limited in space and resources. Some families may have access to community gardens, and others may only have access to personal gardens on a balcony. Please visit our shop to purchase a Garden Sponsor package. You will have an option to be featured on our Garden Donor Wall.

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