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  • Garden Starter Package

    Our Garden Starter package gets you growing! Combine your ideas for a dream garden with our experience, and let us weave them into a wonderful, attainable, and sustainable plan for your space! This package is a holistic starting point for those not yet ready for a full-service subscription. This comprehensive package includes: - up to a 1-hour consult that introduces us to you and your garden (or garden-to-be) - Site analysis with sunlight reading & recommended crops - Garden map & planting plan - Written summary of recommendations for your new gardening journey delivered soon after the site visit

  • Food Bank Pickup

    Grow My Groceries supports feeding yourself and others with what you grow in your garden. If your garden is producing more fresh produce than your household is able to consume, we will pickup and donate your unspoiled excess blessings to local food banks. All you have to do is wash and dry your produce, carefully place it in a paper or plastic grocery bag or small cardboard box, book your pickup and set it on your porch for pickup. We'll take care of the rest. Next spring when you’re planting your seeds and starts, plant an extra row for the food bank. You’ll hardly notice the little bit more you need to water and weed, but it will definitely be noticed when you share that extra large load of garden fresh vegetables. We charge a $10 fee to cover fuel and staff time for transportation. This service is included for free with Premier Memberships. Please see our Give Back page for details on protocols for safe food handling, storage, and transportation. This service is currently limited to north King and south Snohomish counties.

  • Side-by-Side Garden Support

    Harvest the rewards of working in your garden, side-by-side, with the NW Garden Coach! She will join you in the garden for a 2-hour session to work on a variety of smaller projects. Need a weeding buddy, someone to help you spread all that compost, or help set up your vermicompost station? Let the NW Garden Coach guide you as you work and focus on priority tasks. This session is only available for sites with non-toxic herbicides or pesticide applications.

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  • Sleepy Garden, Sleepy Gardener

    It is a snowy February weekend and I am not outside in the garden. I am nestled on my couch with a warm cup of tea, seed catalogs and garden journal nearby, dog curled up at my feet, watching frozen flakes kiss the ground outside. I am reminded of the importance of hibernation. It is nature’s necessary rest. We understand why plants go into dormancy and “wake up” in the spring when there is light and heat to grow and thrive. The same can be said for gardeners of all experience levels. When the timing is just right, we are energized to get growing. Sometimes we get a moment of perfect pause like this and we aren’t quite sure what to do with it. This weekend in particular, I observe my silent, sleepy main garden bed, tucked in by a thick blanket of snow and resting up for what I hope will be a vibrant and productive season ahead. This moment of quiet bliss is balanced with the knowledge that spring is coming, a hopeful feeling with a side of momentary panic in preparation for the pending onslaught of growth. So much has gone into my first-draft plan for this year’s garden that it already feels like draft number 17. And that is okay. In fact, I’d rather see an evolution of garden goals like this long before ever pulling the first weed of the year. My garden saw much more regular attention last year than it had in some preceding years for several reasons, including raising a house full of young children and all which accompanies that adventure, but also feeling the pandemic’s closures piling up onto one another. The weight of 2020's unexpected pause gently yet decisively dumped me outside and into the welcoming dirt like a fresh load of luscious soil tumbling from a wheelbarrow. Perhaps you experienced something similar. As the snow melts now and the daylight grows, big dreams are swirling of how my garden will support my family’s nourishment, how I will be a smarter gardener this year than I was last year and the year before that, and what steps I will take to make my garden goals more attainable, maintainable, and sustainable. I am excited to have your company as readers and gardeners in this newly sprouted and growing community. We are well on our way with these big dreams. All we need is to sleep on it for a bit, like this weekend’s winter nap, and wake as the garden wakes - ready to grow into our season. Happy gardening and keep dreaming of spring! - Robin Robin Lesh is the Principal Garden Coach and owner of Grow My Groceries. Become a member and join our community that receives awesome updates, gardening tips, and schedule one-on-one garden coaching! Let's get growing!

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  • Shipping & Returns | Grow My Groceries

    SHIPPING POLICY We currently do not ship items sold through Grow My Groceries outside of Washington state. All deliveries of our local products and services are done in-person. Standard delivery is limited to the following zip codes: 98103, 98105, 98112, 98115, 98117, 98122 98125, 98133, 98144, 98155, 98177, 98020, 98026, 98036. All other zip codes in King and Snohomish Counties require an additional $50 delivery fee, available as an add-on item in our Shop page. Please contact us for delivery estimates outside of these areas. RETURN POLICY We want our customers to be happy and in the garden. Returns of non-perishable items are permitted within 30 days. All sales are final on live plants (unless there is a waiting list of other customers and the plants can be resold), custom orders, and consulting bookings. We allow a rescheduling option for consulting and site visits with at least 24 hours advance notice from the original appointment. We will honor the value of any consulting booking or gift card for up to one calendar year after the purchase date. Site visits for subscriptions that are not scheduled by the customer or missed without 24-hour advance notice cannot be rescheduled or combined with other visits in the subscription cycle. PAYMENT METHOD We currently offer payment through our website, via PayPal, and Venmo. Direct mobile invoicing will be available soon through Square! WHOLESALE INQUIRIES Are you a retailer? Contact us to discuss a mutually beneficial partnership! We offer stunning gifts, including plant collections, garden art, and more.