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About Grow My Groceries


Grow My Groceries sprouted from the idea that we are connected to the Earth in more ways than we can imagine. It feeds and nourishes our bodies, minds and spirits. As agricultural practices evolve, our society has begun to recognize the impact of farming and living locally. We enjoy foods from around the world, and we can grow much of what we eat right here at home.

Our mission is to help educate and support the home gardener on their journey to growing what they eat, eating what they grow, and building community along the way. We value sustainability, efficiency, and organic gardening practices that are good for Earth and the gardener alike. We focus on Pacific Northwest growing zones and the various microclimate conditions within that region. We offer a wide range of consulting services, including full site assessments, soil and sun readings, to starting your compost bin and more.

Gardening is for everyone. Let us help you plant the first seed.

About The NW Garden Coach


Robin Lesh is the founder of Grow My Groceries and has been dubbed a true "NW Garden Coach". Her love of gardening and community building inspired Robin to help guide friends and family on their own gardening journeys, exploring and pursuing their excitement for gardening with a focus on growing what they eat.

Robin's experience includes over three decades of home and professional gardening in various environments from apartment balconies, to containers, to sprawling raised beds and garden rows. She learned about aquaponics programs in high school, worked in a hands-on role with a garden maintenance company, and spent more than a decade with municipal parks departments that supported community gardens, major capital projects, small planting projects, park maintenance, and more.

This garden coach has helped lead farm-to-table education programs in local schools, taken coursework through the Master Gardener Foundation of King County, Seattle Tilth, and is an avid student of local gardening experts. She has learned from the pros about the foundation and critical elements of landscape architecture, garden design, soil and plant health, and uses that wealth of knowledge to craft customized solutions for clients.


Her eye for design, depth of experience with efficiency, budgeting and levels of service, blended with a joy for sharing her knowledge offer a unique and rich resource to gardeners in the Pacific Northwest.

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